About Us

The team here at SLO Dating decided to come up with this website after a string of bad dates, complicated relationships and overall confusion about dating. 

The team right now is handling everything from website management and building, art creation, marketing and content creation. We are so excited that our ideas and visions have become a reality and that we can finally share it with all of you.

We are all students at California Polytechnic State University, SLO from all over the West coast, all studying a variety of fields. We are using this site as our outlet for the frustration and isolation during this pandemic as well as trying to understand our young adulthood. 

Stargirl is a queer 20 year old who is passionate for art, music, and all things adventurous. She is a third year engineering student with a lot to say.

Bunny is 21. She is a recent transfer student and has a major within the College of Liberal Arts. Bunny is a bisexual woman with a love for sexual health, gossip and a good laugh. 


We wanted to build this site in order to create a community that brings together people who have had similar experiences. Dating is confusing and frustrating, this site is meant to give young adults an outlet to experience these feelings. 

This community is here to support growth, safety and exploration within your personal life. We want to move away from this hypersexual and disconnected dating scene to create healthier, more fulfilling relationships. We are humans, we make mistakes and we want connections, so the SLO Dating Team wants to provide a place for this, even if it is through a screen. 

This site was created in order to support all of those who want to be loved and have love to give. 


What are the Reader’s Stories?

Reader Stories are submitted stories from those who have something to say! It can be anything related to dating, we want to hear it. All of these stories will remain anonymous, only those on the team will be able to see who has submitted posts but it will never be made public. We respect the want and need for your private life to remain private. That being said, everyone loves a cringy dating story. We want to create an atmosphere to laugh at ourselves and the experiences we all went through while dating as young adults. So if you have something to add, whether it’s a funny, short story or topics you wanna discuss please send them our way. We want to hear stories from any and every group including the perspectives of POC, LGBTQIA+ community and men.

How anonymous are these stories?

We are committed to the privacy of our readers’ stories. We want to create a nice, respectful and safe atmosphere where people can share a part of their lives. Only people on the team will be able to see who has submitted the stories whether that’s through Instagram, Email or our site. If any real names are exposed in the stories those will be kept private too, changing the names. That being said, please do not contribute hate speech. We do need to have some way to contact you so having your email or username allows us to do that.

How can I submit my own stories?

You can submit your stories, questions, concerns and/or topics through this website! There is a small forum at the bottom of our site. You can submit stuff on Instagram, @slo.dating through our DMs. You can also send things directly to our email slodating.xoxo@gmail

When is new content uploaded?7

New content is uploaded every Monday beginning on February 14th. We are so excited to share our work and experiences with you!